Ocotillo Rain and Thunder

Ocotillo Rain and Thunder

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 upcoming events

3/4 Saturday "Empty Bowls" (NEW)
3/11 Saturday Steam Pump Ranch SAACA 10:30-noon(NEW)
3/12 Sunday 11-12 Tucson Festival of Books sound provided
3/13 Monday Copper Canyon 2-3pmk
3/18 Saturday ALS banquet JCC 2-4pm contact Megan Ealick(NEW)
3/21 Tuesday Mountain View 2pm-3
3/24 FridayCountry Club at la Cholla 3-4pm
3/28 Tuesday Desert Trails RV Park 7-9 pm (CANCELLED)
3/29 Wednesday Sunrise 3-4 pm
4/8 Saturday Picacho Peak RV Resort 1-3pm(NEW)
4/13 Thursday Campana del Rio 2:30-3:30pm
4/21 Friday Country Club of la Cholla 3-4pm
4/26 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm
4/28 Friday Soltara friendship villas soltara 2-3pm Villa 4
5/11 Thursday Copper Canyon 2-3pm
5/16 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm
9/26 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm
10/4 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm
10/17 Tuesday Mountain View2-3pm
10/25 Wednesday Sunrise 3-4pm
11/16 Thursday 2:30-3:30 pm Fairwinds
11/28 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm 
12/6 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm

Band happenings

We've been busy over the last year of 2016 and now into 2017. We have given over $12,000 to local charities and played some big venues. Upcoming is Empty Bowls on March 2, this is put on by ICS where you purchase a handcrafted Bowl and sample soup made by local Tucson Chefs. All proceeds go to Charity. Also coming up is Festival of Books at UA on March 12 11- noon at the main stage. Marchs Charity is Pancreatic Cancer. Please come and support our charities and enjoy some great Bluegrass music.
Also read a new article about us

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 performances remaining

11/18 Friday Country Club of La Cholla 3-4pm
11/28 Monday Fairwinds Desert Point 2:30-3:30pm 
12/2 Friday Green Valley Village 4-6pm
12/4 Sunday Oro Valley Tree Lighting at Marketplace, 1:30-2pm
12/8 Thursday Woodland Palms 3-4pm
12/10 Saturday 9-12 St Philips Plaza Farmers Market
12/17 Saturday Zoo Lights 6-8pm
12/28 Wednesday Fountains Town Center via SAACA 3pm

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Vista del Rio Porchfest

Ocotillo Rain and Thunder will be playing the 3rd annual Vista del Rio Porchfest. Come to our porch at 7471 E Rio Verde Dr at 4:30-6pm. Plenty of food and great music.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Performances coming up

Ocotillo Rain and Thunder Upcoming Performances

October 7- Friday, Tucson Meet Yourself 12-1pm
          We will be performing on the Church street Stage, admission is free. Come on out
           And enjoy this wonderful festival. We played last year's festival to a rowdy Bluegrass loving
October 15- Saturday, Plaza Palomino Concert Series 8-10pm
           This is a popular venue to watch concerts and our first time here. Please give us a big welcome
           And bring your friends. Tickets on sale at the plaza or via Rhythm and Roots.

October 22- Saturday, Sun City Vistoso 8-10pm We will be playing on stage at the community center. For tickiets and information call the Vistoso Community Center

November 5- Saturday, Tubac Arts Festival 11-2pm We will be Playing across from Confections on a small makeshift stage.

November 12-Saturday Oro Valley Concert 2:15-3:45pm (we are closing act)
            Five bands, we are the closing act. Free concert

December 2-Friday Green Valley Village Arts Festival 4-6pm Free concert

December 17- Saturday Zoo Lights 6-8pm We will be the main entertainment, wine and snacks will be served at Reid Park Zoo, admission to the zoo, concert is free

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Upcoming Gigs

4/14 Thursday Woodland Palms 2pm
4/16 Saturday Jewish Community Center ALS event 10-noon(1 hr of playing
4/20 Wednesday Lutheran Church on Roller Coaster 11-12 (lunch included)
4/22 Friday Country Club at La Cholla 3-4pm
4/23 Saturday VA Hospital 6:30pm 
4/27 Fountains via SAACA 2-3pm
4/30 Saturday St Philips 9-noon
5/7 Saturday St Philips 9-12
5/7 Saturday Make a Wish at 1912 Brewing Co- 6-8pm
5/10 Mountain View 2pm
5/21 Saturday St Philips Farmers Market time?
6/4 Saturday St Philips Farmers Market time?
6/18 Saturday St Philips Farmers Market time?
6/20 Monday Fairwinds Desert Point 2:30-3-30pm 
6/29 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm