Ocotillo Rain and Thunder

Ocotillo Rain and Thunder

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2017 upcoming events

3/4 Saturday "Empty Bowls" (NEW)
3/11 Saturday Steam Pump Ranch SAACA 10:30-noon(NEW)
3/12 Sunday 11-12 Tucson Festival of Books sound provided
3/13 Monday Copper Canyon 2-3pmk
3/18 Saturday ALS banquet JCC 2-4pm contact Megan Ealick(NEW)
3/21 Tuesday Mountain View 2pm-3
3/24 FridayCountry Club at la Cholla 3-4pm
3/28 Tuesday Desert Trails RV Park 7-9 pm (CANCELLED)
3/29 Wednesday Sunrise 3-4 pm
4/8 Saturday Picacho Peak RV Resort 1-3pm(NEW)
4/13 Thursday Campana del Rio 2:30-3:30pm
4/21 Friday Country Club of la Cholla 3-4pm
4/26 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm
4/28 Friday Soltara friendship villas soltara 2-3pm Villa 4
5/11 Thursday Copper Canyon 2-3pm
5/16 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm
9/26 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm
10/4 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm
10/17 Tuesday Mountain View2-3pm
10/25 Wednesday Sunrise 3-4pm
11/16 Thursday 2:30-3:30 pm Fairwinds
11/28 Tuesday Mountain View 2-3pm 
12/6 Wednesday Fountains 3-4pm

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